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Submitty grades in parallel, with multiple scripts checking for jobs in the the /var/local/submitty/to_be_graded_interactive and /var/local/submitty/to_be_graded_batch queues.

The processes are started by the hwcron user via a cron job every 3 minutes. Each process runs for ~16 minutes of idle time. So during quiet submission period, there will be 5-6 grading processes at one time. During a busy submission period, there will be more processes to handle the load.

To debug new features for autograding, it can be helpful to run a single process and inspect the output. To do this:

  1. First disable the cron job. In the “GENERATE & INSTALL THE CRONTAB FILE FOR THE hwcron USER” section of the script, comment out the scheduling of the process.

  2. Then re-install Submitty:

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/

    NOTE: You can confirm that the cronjob is disabled by inspecting the crontab file, run crontab -e as the hwcron user.

  3. Kill any remaining processes:

    sudo killall
  4. Now, as the hwcron user, you can run a single process and watch the output.

    sudo su -c '/usr/local/submitty/bin/  untrusted00  continuous' hwcron

    All program execution will be done with the untrusted00 user, and the continuous argument means the process will not stop after the usual 16 minutes of idle time. Use control-C to stop when you’ve finished your debugging.

To run a machine with a single process:

  1. As root, edit /usr/local/submitty/.setup/


  2. Run:

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/
  3. Terminate only instances of the grading script:

    sudo killall
  4. Note: If you re-run you will need to redo these instructions.