Course Settings

From an instructor/head TA account, you can select “Course Settings” and change the course name, and a few default settings for late days, homework submission, and TA grading.

Manage Users

Use the “Students” and “Users” options to view the lists of people with access to your course. Use the “Manage Users” option to add/edit access for your TAs and mentors.

Use the “Setup Rotating Sections” option to distribute your student list into equal sections for grading assignments other than registration section. See also: Registration Section vs. Rotating Section

Late Days Management

Use the “Late Days Allowed” option to change the number of late days allowed per student. These new late days may be used for any future homeworks. This is useful if you want to award late days as an incentive.

Use the “Excused Absense Extensions” to grant an extension of a specific number of days for a specific assignment. This is useful when the student has an excused absense. These late days cannot be used on other assignments.

Grades Summaries

Use “Grade Summaries” option to export data for use with Rainbow Grades.

Or export to CSV using the “CSV Report” option.