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NOTE: iClicker ID extraction is currently being reworked. The following instructions simply assume that you have a CSV file mapping iClicker IDs to student IDs, an example row might read:


The leading #, the letters in the iClicker ID being capitalized, and the student ID being wrapped in quotation marks are all important.

NOTE: iClicker support is based on iClicker software version 6, and may not work with newer versions.

In customization.json there are only two additional entries needed to make iClickers work.

Below is a short example which gets questions 2.1 (a poll) and 2.2 (two right answers) from one file, and 2.3 from another file which also contains 3.1 (a poll).

"iclicker_ids": "clicker_data/RemoteID.csv",
"iclicker": {
"2": [
  {"file": "clicker_data/L1701201013.csv", "column": 1, "answer": "ABCDE"},
  {"file": "clicker_data/L1701201013.csv", "column": 2, "answer": "AE"},
  {"file": "clicker_data/L1701220958.csv", "column": 1, "answer": "D"},
  "3": [
  {"file": "clicker_data/L1701220958.csv", "column": 2, "answer": "ABCDE"},