Accessing the Homework Submission Server

What is the Homework Submission Server URL for your course? (Your instructor should provide this information.) Load this URL in your favorite web browser.

Have your login credentials ready. (Again, your instructor should provide this information.) If you have trouble authenticating/accessing the page, double check the URL and your username and password, and contact the instructor, TA, or system administrator as appropriate.

The initial navigation page displays all available assignments organized in reverse chronological order of deadline into several categories:

Uploading a New Submission

After selecting the appropriate assignment, you should prepare their work for submission. Carefully read both the course syllabus & and any specific instructions for this assignment. Your instructor has configured the submission site with one or submission areas. You may:

If you choose a .zip file, the files within this .zip file will be extracted on submission. If your .zip file contains one or more folders/directories, this folder/directory structure will be preserved.

Alternatively, if you instructor has configured this assignment to receive files via version control (SVN), the submission interface will consist of a single button, allowing you to indicate that the system should grab your most recent materials from the repository for grading.

As you collect files for submission, if you make a mistake you may remove files by clicking on the trashcan icon. Or you may press “Clear” to remove all files. Or, if you have already submitted to this assignment, you may press “Get Most Recent Files” to initialize the submission with those materials. You can then delete or add new files.

Once you have selected all necessary files, press “Submit”.

Then wait patiently for your assignment to be graded. The page will automatically refresh when grading is complete. If the assignment is computationally intensive or if the server is busy grading your classmates work, you may need to wait longer.

If you find an error or omission with your submission, you can repeat the steps above to upload a new version of the code.

Examining the Results of Automated Testing

The webpage displays a summary of the results on the test cases configured by your instructor. If the test case is configured to award automated grading points, a green, yellow, red, or gray token appears next to each test. Green means full credit, yellow is partial credit, red is low or no credit. The gray token appears if the test is extra credit or hidden.

If more details are available for a specific test case, a “Details” link will appear on the right side. You may click on this link or on the title of the test case to toggle expansion of these details. NOTE: Additional details are intentionally not available for hidden test cases.

If the test case was graded by line-by-line or character-by-character comparison to the instructors expected output, these files will be displayed and differences highlighted in yellow and/or red.

Additional output to STDOUT, STDERR, or specific error messages may be displayed, depending on the instructor configuration of each test case.

Reviewing Previous Submissions

The server stores all uploaded files and all automated grading results for each of your submissions.

You may review the results of automated grading for the most recent submission or any prior submission by choosing that version from the “Select Submission Version:” drop down menu.

Reverting to an Earlier Submission

By default, the server marks as “active” your most recent submission (with the highest version number). Your “active” submission is the version that will be graded by the teaching assistant and recorded in the gradebook.

If you would like to specify that an earlier version be used as your “active” version (if you accidentally submit files to the wrong assignment!), you may do so by selecting that version from the “Select Submission Version:” drop-down menu, and then pressing the “Grade This Version” button.

Similarly, you may click the “Do Not Grade This Assignment” button if you would like to retract all of your submissions to this assignment. The system does not delete your uploaded materials, but the assignment will not be graded by the TAs and you will receive a ‘0’ for this assignment.

Note: You may not change the “active” version after TA grading has begun.

Accessing TA Grades and Semester Averages

When the TA grading has been completed, and the instructor has released these grades, the scores and feedback from the TA for this assignment will appear beneath the automated grading results. Contact information for the TA is at the top of the TA grading report should you have questions about that portion of the grade.