The projects listed below are roughly ordered by prior experience required. Work has already begun on many of these projects, but we are looking for new team members to join these projects. Submit questions or comments on specific issues through our Submitty GitHub Issue Tracker or Contact Us to join the development team.

  1. Peer Grading

    Currently we facilitate detailed rubric manual grading of student assignments by the instructor or TA. We have extended this design to include peer assessment, which can aid timeliness, quantity, and quality of feedback for students in large courses, especially those with limited instructional resources. Furthermore, research has shown that peer grading and feedback also provides important benefits to the peer graders!

    When peer grading is enabled students will be assigned to review and critique a small number of their classmates’ work. The core implementation of peer grading is in progress, but incomplete.

    Open Issues related to Peer Grading

    Advanced features related to peer grading:

    • Evaluating the quality of peer grading (“grading the grader”) by comparing peer grades.

    • Security (ensuring students only see the submission material of peers they have been assigned to grade).

    • Privacy/Anonymity (providing an option to redact student names from material seen by peers).

    Experience Required: Some programming experience, willingness to learn web and database development.

  2. Discussion Forum

    A new feature for Spring 2018 is a Discussion Forum where instructors can post announcements, students can ask questions, instructors/TAs/other students can answer questions, and students can share ideas and images.

    Open Issues related to the Discussion Forum

    Advanced features related to the Discussion Forum:

    • Team chat

    • Notifications

    • Performance with larger datasets and automated refresh for new posts.

    Experience Required: Some programming experience, willingness to learn web and database development.

  3. Instructor interface for Plagiarism Detection

    The initial implementation of the core plagiarism detection algorithm is complete. And we have an initial visualization of similarities between the top matching pairs of assignment submissions. Outstanding work includes testing and debugging, detection of common code (e.g., instructor-provided code), extension to languages other than Python, C/C++, and Java, more intuitive visualization (to allow the instructor to make final decision on plagiarism vs. coincidental matching.

    Open Issues related to Plagiarism Detection

    Experience Required: Some programming experience, willingness to learn web and database development. Experience with a wide variety of programming languages is beneficial.

  4. Web GUI for creating automated grading configurations

    Currently instructors must write a configuration as a config.json (and any necessary additional files) and upload or store these files on the local file system. We would like to provide an alternate web GUI interface for creating basic on moderately complex autograding configurations. The goal would be to streamline the assignment configuration process for non-technical instructors, relevant for use in non-computer-science/non-programming courses.

    Assignment Configuration Instructions

    Experience Required: Some programming experience, willingness to learn web and database development. Having served as a teaching assistant or instructor with experience in programming assignment design will be beneficial.

  5. Static Program Analysis

    We are currently using simple lexical (token-based) static analysis in our intro programming courses to verify students are using (or not using) specific language features. In order to expand these checks we are working on producing and analyzing an abstract syntax tree of the submitted code.


    Open Issues related to Static Program Analysis

    Experience Required: Upper level coursework in programming languages, compilers, and/or program analysis.

  6. Website Security and Penetration Testing

    Submitty is responsible for securing confidential information. It is important that we regularly assess the security of this data. Once a potential vulnerability is found, the system must be promptly patched and documented to prevent future problems.

    Experience Required: Computer security coursework and/or practical experience searching for system vulnerabilities.

  7. Continuous Integration Testing

    Each commit and pull request to github launches continuous integration testing of a portion of the Submitty code base. We would like to expand the code coverage of our unit and integration tests.

    Experience Required: Advanced programming experience, experience with the relevant programming languages, tuning system performance, etc.

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