Discussion Forum

To enable the discussion forum for a course, instructor users should click the “Course Settings” and select “Discussion Forum”. To enter the discussion forum simply click the corresponding button in the top right corner, under the Submitty logo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The discussion forum can be enabled/disabled at any time. Even after posts have been created.


The discussion forum comes with many features that enables effective communication between students and the teaching staff.

User Post Statistics displays all discussion forum usage.

Announcements Instructors/Full Access Graders have the ability to create announcements on the forum. These threads will display at the top of the thread list with a gold star to resemble importance.

Post Edit History users have the ability to edit their post. Members of the teaching staff have the ability to view each edit.

Search users have the ability to search through threads/posts to easily find information.

Thread Categories color coded categories for threads. Instructors have the ability to create/remove categories. When creating a thread it is required to select a category. Categories can be filtered on to display pertinent threads.

Thread Status threads can be updated based on a status of being Question or a Comment. A question can be resolved/unresolved.

Merging Threads Often times students will ask the same question. Members of the teaching staff have the ability to merge similar threads. When merging a thread t1 into another thread t2, it is only possible to merge t1 into t2 if t2s last post occurred before t1 was created.

Image Attachments users can upload up to 5 images per post.

Code blocks and links users can post code blocks and links using [code]print(‘hello world’)[/code] and [url=https://submitty.org]Submitty[/url]

Post View Sorting display posts in chronological, alphabetical, or reply hierarchy style.

Anonymous Posting (to classmates) enables users to appear as anonymous when creating a post/thread. Members of the teaching staff have the ability to view the user of an anonymous post if needed.