Automated Course Enrollment Management

For large courses, we recommend working with your university IT and/or registrar to receive regular updates of the student enrollment, automatically update student information when they switch sections or drop the course altogether. We recommend never erasing student information if they are no longer in the course (in case the registrar information has an error). Instead, we move dropped students to a special null section.

For example, the RPI Computer Science department system admin now receives on a daily feed of students per course section. We run a nightly cron job to automatically add students to the relevant Submitty course databases and create login accounts to the submission server. This greatly simplifies instructor maintenance of current course enrollement.

Below are the instructions to manually add students who are not traditionally registered, to immediately add a student who registered late, or if the feed is not available for your course.

For course NOT REQUIRING subversion repositories:

  1. Edit /var/local/submitty/instructors/authlist to contain a list of new userids to add (one per line)

  2. Execute:

    sudo /var/local/submitty/bin/

    NOTE: When you need to add a few late add students to your course, you only need to put the userids for the new accounts in this file. All previously added accounts are unchanged. Similarly, if you include the userid of a student who already has an account, it will not change that account.

    When finished creating accounts, delete all of the names from the file, so it is ready for the next instructor to add their students.

For courses REQUIRING subversion repositories:

  1. Edit /var/local/submitty/instructors/svnlist to contain a list of new userids to add (one per line).

  2. Execute:

    sudo /var/local/submitty/bin/

    If there are no errors, then execute:

    sudo apache2ctl graceful

    See also note above.

Add students to database (allows TA grading):

  1. Get the .xlsx spreadsheet with student registration details for your course.

  2. Make sure it only contains the header row, and a row for each student in your class (don’t delete the header row, don’t delete any columns).

    • RPI Computer Science Instructors:

      • Do not edit the class list spreadsheet as given to you by a department administrative assistant.

      • PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS CURRENTLY BROKEN; ONLY USE THE CSV UPLOAD SOLUTION HERE FOR THE TIME BEING. You may upload the XLSX spreadsheet as is. A CSV conversion of the unedited spreadsheet is also acceptable, but not mandatory.

    • Instructors at other Universities:

      Your sysadmin should configure the Submitty grading system as to what columns of your class list represent the students’ enrolled section ID, students’ first name, student’s last name, and students’ university e-mail account (currently how the computer systems login ID is determined). Please contact your dept. sysadmin if you are having problems with uploading your spreadsheet.

  3. Log into the hwgrading website. (You must be an administrator for that course.)

  4. Select “System Management”, “Upload Classlist”, and then Browse to select the file.