The View is part of the Model-View-Controller software design pattern.

Example: User View

The Controller will call the view. Let’s have a look at an example UserView.php. It might have a function in it like this:

public function showUserDetails(UserModel $user) {
  return $this->core->getOutput()->renderTwigTemplate(
        'user_id' => $user->getUserId(),
        'favorite_color' => $user->getFavoriteColor()

The function showUserDetails takes in a UserModel object, which holds all of the data it needs to display. See also the Model documentation.

The first two lines of the function load site/public/js/user-details.js and site/public/css/user-details.css, which contain any page specific javascript functions or css styling the user details page needs. Some pages don’t require this.

The third line renders and returns a Twig template found in site/app/templates/user/UserDetails.twig. Twig is the template language used in Submitty.

The second parameter of renderTwigTemplate is a associative array of the variables that UserDetails.twig needs to properly display.

Rendering the User Page with Twig

Finally, let’s look at UserDetails.twig

<div class="content">
  {{ user_id }}'s favorite color is {{favorite_color}}.

In this page, we use user_id and favorite_color to render information about the student.