Within Submitty, we have a number of third-party dependencies to help augment the system. These can be broken down largely into a couple of categories:

  1. Other Submitty Repositories
  2. Third-Party Repositories
  3. Third-Party Distributions
  4. Third-Party Dependencies

Other Submitty Repositories

While much of the code that makes up Submitty resides within the primary Submitty/Submitty repository, there are some components that reside outside of it. These include:

  1. Submitty/AnalysisTools
  2. Submitty/Lichen
  3. Submitty/RainbowGrades
  4. Submitty/Tutorial

Each of these dependencies are installed/updated as part of the process of running INSTALL_SUBMITTY.sh, which in-turn calls .setup/bin/update_repos.sh to either clone or update the repo as necessary. The version that gets installed for each of these is defined in .setup/bin/versions.sh. Each of these are cloned into ${SUBMITTY_INSTALL_DIR}/GIT_CHECKOUT/. Additionally, we do download the generated binaries for the appropriate version of Submitty/AnalysisTools into ${SUBMITTY_INSTALL_DIR}/SubmittyAnalysisTools to avoid the expensive process of getting the whole stack toolchain to compile it on the spot.

Third-Party Repositories

While the GIT_CHECKOUT folder mostly holds Submitty related repos, it does also contain these third-party repos:

  1. nlohmann/json

These repos are cloned under ${SUBMITTY_INSTALL_DIR}/GIT_CHECKOUT/vendor/. Currently they are not versioned.

Third-Party Distributions

For autograding, Submitty relies on a handful of third-party tools to handle stuff like memory analysis and test runners for some languages. These are:

  1. DrMemory
  2. Junit 4
  3. JaCoCo

The versions that we install of these is defined in .setup/bin/versions.sh. These are only installed at initial system installation as part of .setup/install_system.sh. For each of these, we download the compiled versions of the tool and then install into the appropriate directory (e.g. ${SUBMITTY_INSTALL_DIR}/java_tools for Java stuff, ${SUBMITTY_INSTALL_DIR}/drmemory).

Third-Party Dependencies

To manage PHP dependencies, we use composer, and the packages it installs can be found in site/composer.json.

To manage JS/CSS dependencies, we use npm, and the packages it installs can be found in site/package.json.

As Submitty is an application, not a library, each dependency in both of those files are pinned to a specific version, and should not be set to use a range (e.g. use 1.0.0 over ^1.0.0).

For python dependencies, we use pip. These are installed currently only at installation time, and not managed by Submitty currently. The current list of packages can be found in .setup/install_system. You should search for “pip3 install” to find all things that pip installs.