Automating Configuration For Assignments Uploads

Automating Configuration For Assignments Uploads is an upgrade to old assignment configuration. Previously all inputs and outputs file was to be provided at time of configuration of assignment this made input and output constant for every submission. After this project we can add random inputs and corresponding output at the time of submission.This is possible by providing an instructor solution and python script which can generate random inputs. We can also generate only outputs from predefined inputs at the time of building gradeable. This can be used to remove dependencies on predefined output.

I am Drumil Patel an undergraduate Electrical Engineer from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

This project was mentored by Barbara Cutler, Evan Maicus.


34 Commits

I contributed in various part of Submitty varying from discussion forum to Automating configuration.

1. Automating Configuration

This was my main project with which I integrated random inputs and outputs for assignment.

2. VPAT Issues

I solved many VPAT issues in beginning of my contribution period. This help me to recognize importance and different aspect of Accessibility. I want to thank Peter Bailie for helping and reviewing my PRs on VPAT issues. This are my PRs on some VPAT issues :-

3. Grade Override

This series of PRs was meant to solve #2982. This added a feature through which we can override grades in gradeable with a very simple GUI.

4. Discussion Forum

This is the list on my contribution in discussion forum side of the Submitty. It includes some minor Bugfixes with some new features.

5. Small Bugfixes

This are the list of bugfixes in different places in Submitty.

Future Scope of Work

Presently Assignment Autograding can generate both random inputs and outputs with option of generating non random output at time of build of gradeables.But there is some room for improvement inorder to enhance the functionality:-


I had an overwhelming summer contributing in Submitty through Google Summer of Code. I am really obliged and thankful to Barbara Cutler and Evan Maicus for mentoring me throughout the course of program. I am really thankful to Peter Bailie, Matthew Peveler, Shail Patel and all other student at RPI working in RCOS and GSoC.

Submitty has playe a crucial role in developing my interset in open source world. Every time I will think about open source Submitty will be first word which will come in my mind.