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Mobile-Friendly Website and Progressive Web App (PWA)

This project was focused on making submitty mobile friendly and a progressive web-app with adding push notification feature but during the summer I worked equally on number of other features which involved adding and updating database, writing SQL queries and adding corresponding migrations file. I also added unit tests for different Models and used Selenium (with python) to write end-to-end tests.

To sum things up, this was a great full-stack project and I enjoyed working on all the major parts of Submitty!

  1. Designs, created designs for new TA grading interface and some other mobile-focussed components and iterated over it based on awesome feedback from the entire Submitty team :). Tool Used: Figma
  2. Views (Frontend), improved existing User interface, made pages compatible with different screen sizes and added some new interfaces also. Tech Used: Figma, HTML, Twig, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery, Service-Workers
  3. Models and Controllers (Backend), worked on different models and played a lot with database while adding new pages, views and implementing new feature requests. Tech Used: PHP, PostgreSQL, Datagrip, SQLAlchemy, Vagrant
  4. Testing, during the summer I added unit-tests for the Models which were not covered by tests and also added end-to-end tests. Tech Used: Selenium, Python, PHPUnit, TravisCI

About Me

Hello, I’m Mukul Kr Jha, final year computer science student from Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication & Training Research (GGSIPU) and this summer I worked under Submitty organization as a GSoC student.

Pull Requests

Following listed Pull Requests were created during the GSoC timeline under this project. I have listed brief points for some of the PR below and for more information and/or code implementation please follow the link I have attached with

WIPs / Blocked

Small Bugfixes


Here are some of my PRs adding /updating Submitty’s documentation

Future Scope

Overall Experience

I got introduced to Submitty last year and from the very beginning, I loved the Submitty’s objective and friendly environment, thanks to Matthew Peveler for helping me with the onboarding and valuable feedbacks through your reviews. I am very thankful to Barbara Cutler, Submitty, RPI, and the GSoC team for giving me this chance and for bringing in this amazing experience full of learning and fun. Complete project involved a lot of learning and challenges. I loved collaborating with RPI faculty and students and enjoyed working on the project used by not only RPI but a number of other universities across the globe. During the whole summer, all of my project mentors were super awesome and super supportive and I learned a lot from them. Special thanks to Barbara Cutler, Eli Schiff, Shail Patel, Evan Maicus, Matthew Peveler. They helped me with designing the new interface and gave me interesting developer tips during the whole project, I also enjoyed reviewing other developers code. It was a really great experience working and interacting with all the passionate RPI developers and fellow GSoC developers during the meeting we have had.