In the summer of 2021, I worked mainly on improving and standardizing various aspects of the user interface, especially in dark mode. I also worked extensively with markdown support, the PDF editor tool, and allowing developers to create a mock worker machine using Vagrant alongside the main Submitty virtual machine.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that allows the user to change the overall look of Submitty to one with a darker palette. Some of the work I did regarding dark mode consisted of:


Markdown is a simple markup language that allows users to easily format text with italics, bullet points, links, etc. all while writing with plaintext. It is used in many spots on the site, such as the discussion forum, Submini polls, gradeable configurations, and pretty much anywhere else that formatted text would be useful.

PDF Editor

The PDF Editor tool is a tool for TAs and instructors that allows them to annotate student-submitted PDFs. A lot of my work on this page consisted of trying to create a quicker and easier user experience for whoever was using the page.

Vagrant Worker

In the real Submitty environment, there are worker machines which share the load of autograding from the main machine, and could potentially have different capabilities as well. I implemented a configuration option that allows developers to create and run their own worker virtual machine alongside the main Submitty virtual machine to allow for easier debugging and testing of related features.

See the Virtual Box Worker instructions for more information.