We use a modified version of the JSend specification for any JSON object that is returned by the system. This allows for a very unified feel for the application and for anything that might consume our application.

We expect any of the following three response types:

Type Description Required Keys Optional Keys
success All went well, and (usually) some data was returned status, data  
fail There was a problem with the data submitted, or some pre-condition of the API call wasn’t satisfied status, message data
error An error occurred in processing the request, i.e. an exception was thrown status, message data, code

Where we can use the returned type (contained within the status key in the JSON object) to determine how to process our response.

Example Response Types


  "status": "success",
  "data": null

Required Keys:
status: Always ‘success’
data: An object that contains any data that the API call returns. If the call returns no data, then data will return null.


  "status": "fail",
  "message": "Did not specify gradeable"

Required Keys:
status: Always ‘fail’
message: Specify why the API call failed, which is displayed generally.

Optional Keys: This can be used where each key would correspond to the GET/POST data that was sent on the request.