Before pushing your changes to GitHub, make sure your code passes the local test suite. You must fix or document (in your pull request message) any test suite failures.


Before running the test suite, you will need to ensure that autograding for csci1100 has been completed, and that you have generated grade reports for the course. This is the first step on the Rainbow Grades page.

Right now Travis does not run the csci1100 test since the autograding of the sample assignments must complete prior to the test being run. If you change code related to either Rainbow Grades or Grade Summaries, you should run the tests described on this page before making a pull request.

Verifying Grade Summaries

To test that generated grade summaries match the expected summaries and that Rainbow Grades works correctly with the current course data, pass the optional “clean” and “test_rainbow” arguments to the script:

sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/ clean test_rainbow 

Specific Rainbow Grades Tests

FIXME: Other test documentation should go here, along with instructions for just running specific tests.