An important complement to automated grading is detailed rubric grading by the TA or instructor. After selecting an assignment, the TA is presented with the student index for the gradeable.

Rubric Grading Student Index

The rubric grading student index is a list of every student (or team) organized into Registration or Rotating sections:

The white, green, yellow, blue, and purple stoplights indicate grading progress per submission. Submissions with incomplete grading will have a blue “Grade” button. Completed grading will show the cumulative score for that submission.

Clicking on a “Grade” or cumulative score buttons brings up the TA grading interface.

The “View All”/”View Your Sections” button switches between viewing all students registered in the course and registration or rotating sections assigned to the grader. This option is not available for limited access graders.

The “Grading Stats” button brings graders over to the grading statistics for the gradeable. Examples of this page are available at Rubric Grading Statistics.

Customizable Grading Panels

The Rubric Grading Interface has a customizable layout with a number of essential and helpful panels. Depending on the assignment configuration and manual grading tasks, the grader can customize the display, arrangement, and dimensions of these panels.