Are you interested in joining the Submitty Development Team? Please read:
Suggestions for New Developers.

Online Community Discussion

We have a public Slack server for Submitty Users and Developers.

Please use the Slack server #general-welcome and #gettingstarted-installation-development and #technical-developers-studio channels for community introductions, to discuss Submitty installation problems, ask general development questions, and have feature design discussion. We appreciate the Submitty community working together to help new developers.

When asking for help on installation, please include your host operating system & version, and your versions of vagrant and virtual box. When asking for help on how to patch bugs or implement new features, please describe what you’ve done to get started, what you’ve figured out, and specifically where you’re stuck.

Special Request: Please do not contact administrator individuals by Slack direct private message or personal email to ask technical questions. It is likely that other developers have the same or similar questions or are experiencing the same bug. So we’d like to answer those questions on the public forum. And you’ll probably get a faster reply when you ask the larger community. Thank you!

Demo Submitty

To try out Submitty, follow the developer instructions to create a Submitty instance on your local machine using virtual machine using Vagrant and Virtual Box.

Download the Autograding Tutorial Configurations & Example Submissions.