See also the Student Team Assignment documentation.

Creating a Team Assignment

To create a team assignment, simply select “Yes” under the “Is this a team assignment?” section when creating a gradeable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This option may only be specified when first creating a new gradeable. You may not edit an existing gradeable to switch it from individual to team or from team to individual.

Selecting “Yes” will open a new option for maximum team size, which refers to the maximum number of members that can join a team (including the student who creates it). Note that instructors can manage teams and override the maximum team size (see section “Creating and Editing Teams” below).

Team Lock Date

Team gradeables have an additional options under the “Dates” tab to set the team lock date, which will be the last date students can create new teams or invite new members to existing teams.

Team Seeking

Instructors have the option of enabling a team seeking message for students looking for a team or a partner. If enabled, the student can add a message that will be shown to other students viewing under Users Seeking Team/Partner. Instructors can also set the instructions for the message.

Creating And Editing Teams

Instructors also have the option of forming and managing teams for the students.

Once you’ve made the team assignment, click on the “Preview Grading” button for that assignment. And then “Index of Grading Details for All Students”. For team formation you have 2 options:

Once at least one team has been formed, you will have the option to Export Teams Members to download a csv with the current teams, which can then be imported into another team assignment.