Premade Java Assignments

This page is intended for high school teachers who are teaching AP Computer Science A. It contains instructions on how to access the premade java assignments. The assignments can be accessed at Java Assignment Repository. All of the assignments are intended to be completed in a week.

Assignment Structure

Inside each folder in the repo is a different assignment

└── config.json [Needed for submitty]
└── test_output [Needed for submitty]
└── test_input  [Needed for submitty]
└──   [Instructions for Homework]
└── start code  [OPTION, some assignments may not have this]

Before creating your gradable for Submitty your upload for the autograder should only include config.json, test_output, test_input in a zip file

Assignment Overview

Homework 1

Learning Objective:

Output to console
data types (int, double, char, boolean, String)
mathematical operations (+, -, *, \, %)

Homework 2

Learning Objective:

Data types
Collect user input and store in variable
Easy to understand variable names
Mathematical operators in Java

Homework 3

Learning Objective:

Create if-else decision trees
Using the mod operator in java
Using special escape characters within strings

Homework 4

Learning Objective:

Using while loops and for loops to prevent repetitive code
Create a random number using the built in Random class
Understanding simple logical flow of a common interview question

Homework 5

Learning Objective:

Using functions to organize code into smaller blocks
Using parameters within a function
Functions with and without a return value
Attempt to read others code and try to understand non-recursive and recursive functions

Homework 6

Learning Objective:

Understanding the usefulness and limitations of arrays and ArrrayLists
Using built-in arrays and ArrayList structures in java
More practice with functions
Creating more complex programs with more intricate logic

Homework 7

Learning Objective:

Creating a program with multiple classes
Object oriented programming in java
Learn about simple mathematic operations on Matricies

Homework 8

Learning Objective:

Practice reading and adhering to a detailed specifications sheet
More practice with object oriented programming 
Creating a program with even more complex logic flow
Learn about corner cases when testing a program
Parsing data from a file

Homework 9

Learning Objective:

Learning about Big-O notation and algorithm efficiency
Recreate six common sorting algorithms