make_tree.js and are tools to visualize the json output from commonAST and static analysis as trees.


node make_tree.js ./filename

This will output the tree in a .svg format. Make sure to include the ./ before filename in order for node.js to read the file.

python filename

This will output the tree in a .html format. Unlike make_tree.js, the trees produced by this tool are collapsible.

Example Calls

node make_tree.js ./ex1a.json

Outputs an uninteractive .svg tree from the data of ex1a.json

python make_tree_interactive ex1a.json

Outputs an interactive .html tree from the data of ex1a.json

Additional Install Steps

make_tree.js requires the additional install of node.js in order to run. In order to install node.js on the VM, follow these steps:

  1. Call sudo apt-get update
  2. Call sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev
  3. Install nvm with curl | sh
  4. Update session with source ~/.profile
  5. Use nvm ls-remote to list the versions of node.js
  6. Install node.js with nvm install version# with the most up-to-date version