Late Days Management

Use the “Late Days Allowed” option to change the number of late days allowed per student. These new late days may be used for any future homeworks. This is useful if you want to award late days as an incentive.

Use the “Excused Absence Extensions” to grant an extension of a specific number of days for a specific assignment. This is useful when the student has an excused absence. These late days cannot be used on other assignments.

Late Day Usage Table

Late day usage for a particular student for a particular gradeable can be viewed within the TA grading interface in the Student Information panel in the Overall Late Day Usage Table.

Late Day Terms

To calculate a student’s late day usage we define the following terms:

Late days charged and total late day usage

To calculate how many late days a student will be charged for a particular gradeable and update the student’s total late day usage we use the following pseudocode:

late_days_used -= extensions  

if late_days_used > 0  
  late = true  
  status = Late  

if late_days_used > assignment_allowed  
  late = false  
  status = Bad  

if late_days_used > allowed_per_term - total_late_days_used  
  late = false  
  status = Bad  

if late  
  late_days_charged = min(0, late_days_used - extensions)  
  total_late_days_used += late_days_charged

Note: A status of “Bad” will not charge the student any late days. Instead, the grade of any gradeable with a status of Bad will be changed to 0 in the grade summaries.