Instructors have the option to post/host files on the Submitty server. Access to these files (e.g., images, pdfs, provided code, input files) will be restricted to students in the course who have logged in to Submitty. The instructor can also specify a release date for these materials. The Course Materials page is accessed via the “Course Materials” blue button at the top of the main course page.


  1. Pops up a new window of the file.

  2. Downloads the file.

  3. Deletes the folder/file.
    The delete option is only available to instructors.

  4. By default, files are not shared with students. Clicking the checkbox grants students access to this file (for viewing or downloading) on the specified date. Clicking on the release date box, launches the date/time selector window shown below.

    The share with students option is only available to instructors.

  5. Clicking on the “Upload Materials” button launches a pop-up form to upload files:

    • By default, all files will be uploaded to course_materials subdirectory of the course. But you may specify one or more sub-directories within that folder. If these subfolders do not yet exist, they will be created automatically.

    • By default, this checkbox is unchecked. Uploaded zip files will be stored and downloaded as zip files. Clicking this box will unzip any .zip files/folders before storage.

    • Note: The total size of all files uploaded at one time must be less than or equal to 10 mb or 10,240 kb.

    The upload materials option is only available to instructors.