It is important for students to have the ability to understand why they received a specific grade. Grade Inquiries allow graders and individual students to have a discussion on their work.

  1. First, grade inquiries must be enabled for the course. From the “Course Settings” page, under the “Grading” section, check the checkbox next to ‘Grade Inquires Allowed’.

  2. Second, grade inquiries must be enabled for each assignment, as desired. From the “Gradeables” page, click the pencil icon to edit the settings for a specific assignment.

  3. From the “General” tab, make sure ‘yes’ is checked for ‘Will grade inquiries be enabled for this assignment?’

  4. Finally, go to the “Dates” tab and set the ‘Grade Inquiry Due Date’ to a desired time in the future.

    Students must make the initial post to the grade inquiry system before that date. Once the date passes, students and graders will be able to continue the conversation only for any unresolved grade inquiries.

See also Opening a Grade Inquiry and Resolving a Grade Inquiry.