Late Day Usage Table

Late day usage for a particular student for a particular gradeable can be viewed within the TA grading interface in the Student Information panel in the Overall Late Day Usage Table.

Late Day Terms

To calculate a student’s late day usage we define the following terms:

Late days charged and total late day usage

To calculate how many late days a student will be charged for a particular gradeable and update the student’s total late day usage we use the following pseudocode:

late_days_used -= extensions  

if late_days_used > 0  
  late = true  
  status = Late  

if late_days_used > assignment_allowed  
  late = false  
  status = Bad  

if late_days_used > allowed_per_term - total_late_days_used  
  late = false  
  status = Bad  

if late  
  late_days_charged = min(0, late_days_used - extensions)  
  total_late_days_used += late_days_charged

Note: A status of “Bad” will not charge the student any late days. Instead, the grade of any gradeable with a status of Bad will be changed to 0 in the grade summaries.