Premade Java Assignments

This page is intended for high school teachers who are teaching AP Computer Science A. It contains instructions on how to access the premade jave assignments. The assignments can be accessed at Java Assignment Repository. All of the assignments are intended to be completed in a week.

Assignment Structure

Inside each folder in the repo is a different assignment

└── config.json [Needed for submitty]
└── test_output [Needed for submitty]
└── test_input  [Needed for submitty]
└──   [Instructions for Homework]
└── start code  [OPTION, some assignments may not have this]

Before creating your gradable for Submitty your upload for the autograder should only include config.json, test_output, test_input in a zip file

Assignment Overview

Homework 1


Be able to run java 
No other experiance needed

Learning Objective:

Output to console
data types (int, double, char, boolean, String)
mathmatical operations (+, -, *, \, %)