What is the Homework Submission Server URL for your course? (Your instructor should provide this information.) Load this URL in your favorite web browser.

Have your login credentials ready. (Again, your instructor should provide this information.) If you have trouble authenticating/accessing the page, double check the URL and your username and password, and contact the instructor, TA, or system administrator as appropriate.

Welcome to Submitty! From this gateway page, you can access your current courses and past courses (until they are archived and removed from student view). You can also review the email address associated with your account and change your preferred name and, depending on the server account configuration, your password.

How Can I Access My Courses?

Find the course from the choices on the left side of the page and click the button to enter the course and access course materials, assignments, participate in the online discussion forum, view your grades, and more.

If you don’t see a specific course on the list, contact the instructor or teaching staff for the course or system administrator for your school or department.

How Can I Change My Preferred Name?

If you would like to use a different first and/or last name than what is listed on the registration roster, click the pencil next to your name in the “About You” panel on the right of the screen. Enter your information and press “Submit”.

Your preferred name will be used on all webpages within Submitty: when you participate in the online discussion forum, when you form teams with your classmates, and when your TA or instructor grades your assignments. Your registration name will only be visible to your instructors and only appears on the final grade sheet, next to your preferred name, to ensure that your grade can be correctly entered to your school’s registration system.

How Can I Change My Password?

If your school’s installation of Submitty is configured with database passwords, you’ll see the “Change Password” text and a pencil icon at the bottom of the “About You” panel, and you can change this password through the web interface. Click this pencil and enter a new password.

If you don’t see see this option on your account, it is likely this password is served through a shared central password system used by other servers at your school. In this case, please refer to your course syllabus and/or department or university sysadmin resources to change or reset this password.

How Can I Change Submitty’s Theme?

In addition to the default light mode, Submitty has a dark mode. To enable the dark mode click the “Enable Dark Mode” checkbox in the “About You” section.

If your device uses an AMOLED screen, you may want to enable the black mode as well. This will save battery life. Once you enable dark mode, the option to enable black mode will appear. Click the “Enable Black Mode” checkbox to switch.