Depending how your school has configured Submitty and security, an Authentication Token may be required in some instances instead of your password.

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Creating a new Authentication Token

Navigate to the “My Profile” page using the link on the left menu bar and then click on the “Authentication Tokens” button at the bottom. Press the “Create New VCS Authentication Token” to create a new authentication token. If you use Submitty from multiple computers/devices, you are recommended to create a different token for each machine, and give each token a descriptive name and appropriate expiration date.

Once you generate a token, the newly-generated token will be displayed at the top of the page. NOTE: Do not share this token with others. Treat it like a password.

Save this value in a secure place – it will not be displayed if you reload this webpage. If you forget or lose your token you can always revoke old ones and recreate a new token.

Using your Authentication Token

Your VCS / GIT Authentication Token can be used to access a Submitty-hosted VCS / GIT repository. Use your Authentication Token when prompted for a password.

NOTE: This token will likely be automatically saved and managed by your local operating system. You should not need to re-enter the token each time you pull or push code from the repository on the remote server.

Managing Authentication Tokens