The Rainbow Grades page, which can be found on the side bar of a course page, displays a table that allows students to gauge their overall performance relative to the class average and the estimate for the grade boundaries. Rainbow Grades is configured by a course instructor to match the grade components and weighting described in the course syllabus.

Rainbow grades can be updated throughout the semester, as students receive grades on assignments, labs, exams, etc. Students’ intermediary “OVERALL score” will reflect their performance on graded assessments with respect to the final grade in the class. For example, in a course where the final exam is worth 30% of the final grade, the score in the “OVERALL” row of a student with perfect scores on every other assignment, before taking the final, would be 70.00, since the rest of the available grades make up 70% of the final grade.

Here is an example of what a grade summary might look like mid-semester: