The webpage displays a summary of the results on the test cases configured by your instructor. If the test case is configured to award automated grading points, a green, yellow, red, or gray token appears next to each test. Green means full credit, yellow is partial credit, red is low or no credit. The gray token appears if the test is extra credit or hidden.

If more details are available for a specific test case, a “Details” link will appear on the right side. You may click on this link or on the title of the test case to toggle expansion of these details. NOTE: Additional details are intentionally not available for hidden test cases.

If the test case was graded by line-by-line or character-by-character comparison to the instructors expected output, these files will be displayed and differences highlighted in yellow and/or red.

Additional output to STDOUT, STDERR, or specific error messages may be displayed, depending on the instructor configuration of each test case.