Submitty includes the ability for instructors to automatically generate rainbow grades by following the automatic setup instructions.

For this feature to work correctly:

  1. The <submitty install dir>/config/submitty_admin.json file must contain credentials for a submitty admin user. Usually this file will be configured automatically as part of the inputs for the script. The credentials in this file are for a submitty course user, not a linux user.

  2. The submitty admin user must exist as an instructor of the course for which the rainbow grades are going to be automatically generated. This is because an API call is made to generate grade summaries, and the user making the call must have the authority to generate them.

Nightly cron job

Also included is the ability to have all rainbow grades automatically rebuilt nightly as part of a cron job. For this feature to work please ensure the previous configuration steps have been followed.

By default is included in the submitty_crontab. This file is added to the linux cron tab during each installation of submitty.

Please note this script will only rebuild rainbow grades for courses which have the “Automatic Rainbow Grades” checkbox enabled in their course settings.