IMPORTANT NOTE: If your system was initially installed prior to early June 2018, please start with the section at the bottom of this page.

Please also see Update GNU/Linux Server and Installation Version Notes.

Update Submitty Software to the latest Release

  1. To update the Submitty source code repository, get the specific branch/release to which you want to upgrade. For example:

    cd /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty
    git checkout master
    git pull origin master
  2. Then re-install the Submitty source code.

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/

    If you provide the optional skip_web_restart option, the script won’t restart Apache, nginx and PHP-FPM:

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/ skip_web_restart

    One of the early steps of this script checks your system installation and course databases for updates since your last installation. The necessary system and database migrations will automatically be applied.

    See also: Developer / Migrations

    Typically this re-installation will take less than a minute. It will pause and restart from scratch any autograding that is currently happening.

  3. Depending on what has been updated in the system, you may also need to rebuild the autograding scripts for your existing courses & gradeables. And you may need to regrade the previously submitted assignments.

    See more information in: Developer / Development Instructions

Installations prior to early June 2018

  1. First let’s move your Submitty source code repository to its new suggested location:

    Old repository path suggestion: /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT_Submitty
    New repository path suggestion: /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty

    If you have not modified any of the helper Submitty repositories (GIT_CHECKOUT_Tutorial, GIT_CHECKOUT_AnalysisTools, etc.) stored in neighboring directories, you can remove those repositories and the installation & update scripts will re-clone & maintain these checkouts in a new location.

  2. Now, update the Submitty source code repository as described in step 1 of the previous section.

  3. Next, we need to apply updates to the course databases so they match the database schema for Submitty as it was in early June 2018. Run this command:

    sudo python3 /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty/.setup/

    Check the output of this script to be sure each course currently in use has been processed. Note that the script will print error messages for database edits that have already been processed by a previous run of this script (e.g. columns, relations, constrations, and/or tables that already exist, duplicate keys, etc.). These error messages can be safely ignored as long as the script proceeds.

  4. Next, it may be necessary to update the installed base Linux system packages. To do this, re-run the system installation script, which is safe to re-run on an existing Submitty system installation.

    sudo bash /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty/.setup/

    Note: After finishing system installation updates, this script will automatically call…

  5. sudo python3 /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty/.setup/

    This script will ask you to interactively confirm some system configuration settings. Pressing enter/return at each prompt will keep your current configurations.

  6. Now your system state has been updated to early June 2018.

    You’re ready to continue with steps 2 & 3 in the previous section to automatically apply migrations for Submitty changes from early June 2018 to present day.

    In the future, you will only need to apply the steps in the first section to update your Submitty installation.