Release v22.06.00 adds a new Postgres database user/role for course database access that is not a database superuser.

Before installing this new version, you should specify the username and password for this new database user/role. You do not need to create the user/role for the database, the migration will create the user/role if it does not exist.

  1. As root, edit the file /usr/local/submitty/config/database.json

    Add the following lines to the file:

    "database_course_user": "submitty_course_dbuser",
    "database_course_password": "PASSWORD",

    Replacing PASSWORD with a secure password. You may optionally specify an alternate username for this database user/role.

  2. Pull the latest code from the repository, and run the installation script:

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/
  3. Note: If you host your database on a separate machine or VM, ensure that the new user/role can connect to the database server. This may involve editing the pg_hba.conf file, with similar settings for the submitty_dbuser and submitty_course_dbuser roles.

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