1. To update the submitty code, get the specific branch/release to which you want to upgrade. For example:

    cd /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT_Submitty
    git checkout master
    git pull origin master
  2. It may be necessary to update the database for the new version of Submitty. Check the release notes. If needed, update the database for each database in the system:

    sudo python3 /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT_Submitty/.setup/update_database.py

    Check the output of this script to be sure each course currently in use has been processed. Error messages about columns already existing can be safely ignored.

    • Moving from v.1.0.1 to v.1.0.2 (release date: 11/6/2017) requires the database update.

    • A database update is suggested (not required) when switching to v.1.0.3 (release date: 11/15/2017).

  3. Then re-install the system. This should take less than a minute. It will pause and restart from scratch any autograding that is currently happening.

    sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/INSTALL_SUBMITTY.sh
  4. Depending on what has updated in the system, you may need to also rebuild the autograding scripts for your existing courses & gradeables. And regrade the previously submitted assignments (especially if you’re installing the update to fix a problem).

    See more information in: Development Instructions