Testing Authentication

Our vagrant environment defaults to PAM authentication, but is also setup to easily use any of the other supported authentication methods.

To switch, either re-run CONFIGURE_SUBMITTY.py or edit /usr/local/submitty/config/authentication.json and change the authentication method to any of the methods. You should be able to leave all other settings to the default.


For LdapAuthentication, the default settings are:

"ldap_options": {
    "url": "ldap://localhost",
    "uid": "uid",
    "bind_dn": "ou=users,dc=vagrant,dc=local"

When using DatabaseAuthentication, Submitty allows users to change their password from the home screen.


To easily setup SAML authentication locally: You can run the following command which will switch to SAML, generate the necessary keys, turn on the required Docker container, and add all users to the mapping table.

bash /usr/local/submitty/GIT_CHECKOUT/Submitty/.setup/testing/setup_saml.sh

This SAML IdP hooks into the LDAP system on the vagrant machine. So if you cannot log in, try testing LDAP first as that could be a reason it fails.