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Google Summer of Code 2018 with Submitty

Worked with Submitty on Discussion Forum under Google Summer of Code 2018. Barbara Cutler, Master_Odin and Andrew Aikens were officially assigned mentors who along with other Submitty members helped me at various stages such as design problems, code review and performance issues which made this journey easier for me.

What I learned

I got hands-on experience using twig templates along with PHP giving high code reusability and secure code. Using E2E tests reduces a lot of time as compared to testing applications manually. I got exposed to writing complex SQL queries.

This project helped to inculcate a spirit of teamwork in me and instilled the coordination, cooperation and management required to work in a team.

I also absorbed the importance of code reviews/feedbacks by others as they might have a completely different angle to view the problem.

Discussion Forum

Submitty has a student-faculty portal named Discussion Forum. It can be used for asking queries, announcements, notes sharing, etc.


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