Lichen Plagiarism Detection

I worked together with William Allen on Lichen, Submitty’s Plagiarism Detection Tool – a partially-functional feature last touched 3 years ago. We worked on it all summer to fix the base infrastructure, implement new features that were on the wish list for Lichen, and pulled everything together into a fully working state.

Submini Polls

Submini Polls is a lecture polling system for instructors that can be enabled to gather quick information or quiz students on lecture material. This summer I added new types of polls to supplement the basic existing functionality of the feature, increased coverage of testing, and fixed bugs. This newly improved feature will be used to replace iClickers in future classes.

Submitty Developers and Miscellaneous Contributions

Besides working on specific features, I made a number of other miscellaneous contributions across Submitty. I also contributed significantly to the developer resources by creating data for development courses, and creating an entirely new development course for testing Lichen. Small tweaks that perfect features over time are what ultimately pull the project together.