NOTE: Currently, these tests can only be run from within Vagrant.

Before pushing your changes to GitHub, make sure your code passes the local test suite. You must fix or document (in your pull request message) any test suite failures.

Clean Installation and Run Full Test Suite

To start with a fresh grading library install and build, and to run the full test suite, pass the optional “clean” and “test” arguments to the script:

sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/ clean test 

Run Only Select Test Suite Modules

As you are debugging and fixing grading library code and or editing or writing new test suite modules, you can run one or more select test modules from the test suite, pass those as additional arguments.

sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/ test test_1 test_5 

Run Only Select Test Cases

If you are currently only focusing on one test case, you can specify it by putting the module name, a period, and then the test name as an argument to test suite. Capitalization doesn’t matter for matching on the test name.

sudo /usr/local/submitty/.setup/ test test_1.test_name 

Test Suite Directory Structure

The testing framework for the C++ codebase is located within the tests/integrationTests directory. Each test module is stored within its own directory inside tests/integrationTests/tests. Test modules can be organized into a nested hierarchy of directories.

The general structure of such a test directory is a file detailing test function in the directory root, along with several directories: assignment_config, build, data, and validation.

The assignment_config directory should contain a C++ header file config.json (see Assignment Configuration) specifying the details of the assignment upon which testing will be performed.

The data directory contains any student input necessary for the desired grading code to run. For example, if testing compilation, the data directory should contain source code. If testing validation of README files, the data directory should contain README.txt.

The validation directory contains test module author-provided files to be checked against the results of running grading code.

Test Suite Installation Process

The modules of the autograding test suite are located in the repository:


The test suite installation process copies this directory tree to:


(WARNING: Do not edit the files in the installation directory since they will be overwritten.)

The script will return exit status 0 if all tests passed, and exit status 1 if any tests failed.