Formatting a Post using Markdown

Markdown has become a common standard for formatting online text. Click on the markdown symbol to enable formatting of your post using markdown.

Links “[display text](url)” will add a hyperlink to a URL with “display text” displayed.

Code Adding ``` above and below text will turn it into a code block.

Bold Adding __ before and after text (two underscores) will make that text bold.

Italics Adding _ before and after text (one underscore) will italicize that text.

Bullets Adding * or numbers (ex. 3., 1., 3.) before text and with a space will put text into a bulleted list (with * or the number as the bullet point).

For example:

   * Item 1
   * Item 2
   3. Item 1
   1. Item 2
   3. Item 3

We provide quick link buttons to insert some markdown formatting characters for these features into your post.