NOTE: This guide assumes that you have first created a Submitty server using Ansible following the Installation using Ansible instructions.

Steps to Create a Course

  1. Navigate to the ansible directory in your Submitty installation:

     cd .setup/ansible
  2. There is a playbook available named submitty_course_creation.yml. This playbook contains the necessary roles to create a new course in Submitty. You can edit this file to specify the details of the course you want to create.

  3. Run the playbook using the following command:

     ansible-playbook -i inventory/submitty playbooks/submitty_course_creation.yml
  4. Once the process is complete, your new course should be available in Submitty.

    **For a more detailed step-by-step guide on creating a course, you can refer to the Course Creation instructions.

    **If you wish to understand the individual tasks that are performed during the course creation process, you can examine the tasks defined under the submitty_course_creation role.

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