NOTE: This guide assumes that you have first created a Submitty server using Ansible following the Installation using Ansible instructions.

Steps to Create a Term

  1. Navigate to the ansible directory in your Submitty installation:

     cd .setup/asnible
  2. There is a playbook available named submitty_course_creation.yml. This playbook contains the necessary roles to create a new term in Submitty. You can edit this file to specify the details of the term you want to create.

    **Remember: The term should be an abbreviated semester name like: s24 . The start and end date must be formatted in mm/dd/yyyy format.

  3. Run the playbook using the following command:

     ansible-playbook -i inventory/submitty playbooks/submitty_course_creation.yml

    This command will start the term creation process. Ansible will display the progress in the terminal.

  4. Once the process is complete, your new term should be available in Submitty.

    **For a more detailed step-by-step guide on creating a course, you can refer to the Term Creation instructions.

    **If you wish to understand the individual tasks that are performed during the course creation process, you can examine the tasks defined under the submitty_term_creation role.

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