TA Navigation Page

When a TA or Grader user logs into the course, they have access to the same submissions links as the student (left column of colored buttons). But in addition, they have an additional column of buttons to the right, to review the student submissions and enter grades for each assignment.

TA Grading Complements Automated Grading

After selecting an assignment, the TA is presented with an overview of their assigned grading for this assignment.

The TA can then click to see an index page of all students in their assigned sections:

Students who have not yet been assigned a TA grade have blue “Grade” buttons under the “TA Grading” column.

Clicking on one of the “Grade” buttons brings up the multi-pane TA grading interface. The 4 panes are:

After completing the grading of this student and pressing “Submit” the TA returns to the index page and the “Grade” button for that student is replaced with a white button and the student’s TA score for that assignment.

TA Grading of Non-Electronic Assignments

Submitty can also be used to record grades for items that are not strictly electronic uploads of files.

Submitty provides a spreadsheet-like interface for the data entry of numeric gradeables (e.g. Quizzes or Tests). The instructor specifies the number of problems, and the maximum score for each problem. The total score for each student is summed automatically.

If the assignment is scored less precisely, the instructor can use the checkpoint interface. The TA clicks once to give the student full credit (dark blue), or the TA clicks twice to give the student half credit (light blue). A triple click returns the box to zero credit (white).