Release v21.01.01 contains a significant refactor of the Submitty autograder. This refactor facilitates automated grading of random-per-student problem selection for Notebook gradeables.

  1. Automated grading for student submissions prior to installation of this release will still be viewable by students & graders.

  2. Automated grading for gradeables created after installation of this release will require no changes. You can re-use automated grading config.json files prepared prior to this release – there are no changes to the configuration syntax.

  3. If students make new submissions (after installation of this release) to old gradeables (created and built before installation of this release), autograding will break. This is because the backend autograding infrastructure has been refactored – additional parameters are needed at an internal autograding interface.

    Therefore, old gradeables (created before the installation of this release) that are still active (accepting new submissions) should be rebuilt. This can be done by instructor users through the web interface by clicking on the pencil icon for that gradeable, going to the Submissions/Autograding tab and clicking “Rebuild Gradeable”. Alternatively, the autograding configuration can be rebuilt through the command line for a single assignment or an entire course. See also Build/Debug all Grading Configurations.