Submitty is proud to have been selected for participation in Google Summer of Code and to work with talented students from several different countries. We have been selected for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2022! Please read the student project reports from previous summers linked below.

How to Apply to Submitty for Google Summer of Code 2022

  1. Read the information for contributors to confirm your eligibility:

  2. Follow the developer instructions to install the Submitty system in a virtual machine on your computer:

  3. Review our project ideas list:

  4. Search the Submitty Github for related open issues (bugs and feature requests):

  5. Join our Slack channel to ask questions and meet other new developers:

  6. New developers should start with an issue labeled “Good First Issue”. To understand the existing functionality/bug, reproduce and test this feature on your development VM. Inspect the relevant system files and database contents.

  7. Submit a pull request to solve an open issue.

  8. Help test and review pull requests opened by other developers.

  9. Prepare your application. We recommend propsective contributors focus on one of our suggested projects from the project ideas list above. Successful applicants will be able to expand and enhance the proposed project idea with a timeline of design and implementation milestones, and will demonstrate curiosity and motivation for the topic.

  10. Document your skills, relevant coursework, non-course experience, and future career goals that qualify you to work on this project. Include your approximate schedule for the summer, including start date, end date, and number of hours of work per week, and any classes, employment, or other time commitments during that period.

  11. The application window for Google Summer of Code is April 4th-19th, 2022.
    Please carefully read all of the program requirements.
    Google Summer of Code 2022 Timeline


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